10 Million Book of Kells viewers mark surpassed in August 2012

KellsFol005rCanonTableThe worldwide known Book of Kells, which is a manuscripted gospel book that was created by celtic monks ca. 800 AD and contains the four gospels of the new testament, celebrated it’s 10 millionth viewer in August of last year in the library of Trinity College in Dublin where the book is kept.

The Irish Times reports that English tourists Robbie Howatson, his parents Ian and Jan and sister Rosina, were the 10 millionth visitors to the historical artifact. Upon arriving, the family was welcomed by the librarian, Robin Adams.

The old library at Trinity and its Book of Kells is considered one of Ireland’s major tourist attractions with over 520,000 visitors each year. Yesterday’s visit by the Howatson family marked 10 million visitors in just 20 years since the site’s opening in 1992.

Librarian Robin Adams said the 10-millionth visitor was a significant landmark to coincide with the tercentenary of the old library, whose cornerstone was laid in 1712. The 10-millionth visitors were presented with memorabilia of the old library and a guided tour.

The link to the related article: http://www.irishcentral.com/news/Book-of-Kells-viewed-by-10-millionth-visitor-at-Trinity-College-in-Dublin-165710286.html


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