Leonardo Da Vinci – Bridge

Leonardo Da Vinci, who was also known as an engineer in his time, designed a special type of a bridge witch stretches across the Golden Horn at Istanbul for the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire in 1502. The Sultant did not accept the project because he thought that it was impossible to build a bridge like that.

Da Vinci influenced later bridge builders with his method of bending wooden beams into arches. He devised a technique of notching timber to prevent splitting and interlocking bent and notched beams to create a bearing arch. More than 300 years later, Swiss bridge builders used Da Vinci’s method in their arched wooden bridges.

Almost 500 years later(in 2001), the design of Leonardo da Vincis was brought to life in Norway. The bridge looks really modern and design is very unique as it could be seen from the following picture:




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